Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Feedback Pleeeeaassee!!!

Soooo, I'm in the process of starting an online boutique and I'm looking for insight from the public as to what YOU would like to see on a website such as this.
- Well first let me give you a brief description of what will be sold: women's jeans, accessories, and shoes to start, possibly some hot t-shirts, primarily from relatively unknown designers, (everybody deserves some shine).

Tell me what you think, please give me some suggestions~!

'Preciate ya!



Sooooooooooo, you see that you have a comment on this post and you probably rolled up in here looking for some true online boutique critique, huh? Well, this is basically an I-O-U ... the more that I get into your blog and your ideas the better I will be able to give you my oh so valuable opinion lil lady. Don't trip Dante ... I got you.

Oh yeah, for the record, your online boutique idea is dope. I will say this right now though, make your site user friendly and functional and the customers will fuck with you. Can it be all so simple? Well, yeah ... kind of ... lol.

Kofi Bofah said...

You are going to have to really lay out your specific opinions on certain topics. You need anchor pieces - long articles of 500-1,000 words or so that will be timeless and draw people in.

Basically, a catalogue of work that you can hyperlink to draw in anybody.

For example:

She is Just Not That Into You

You come through to my side and watch me. I will show you how to set up shop in blog world.